"I don't want academicians.
I don't want people who do the right things.
I want people who do inspiring things."
Bill Bernbach

Every person is different. Everyone has different expectations and is inspired by varying interests. Therefore, not every host can reach every guest on an emotional level.

Cezanne finds and assembles a team of employees with a broad variety of talents. Their attention to detail and empathy enables them to connect with each guest and establish a positive relationship.

Our team provides service with personality. With emotion and with enthusiasm. They truly inspire.

"It's always a great pleasure to work for cezanne, because no other caterer works as professionally as you do! I hope to be part of the next event!"
Kitchen staff member

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of this event once more. As always, it has been an amazing experience. A special thank you as well for all of the granted responsibilities and the trust you placed in us."
Service staff member

"Many thanks indeed for this extraordinary and instructive experience. It was great to see how a team assembled from all over Germany could win over their guests with excellence and cordiality. Together, we achieved the legendary 98% mark. A very special thank you to Peter Cezanne whose leadership and communication skills I admire very much. A top-notch manager, who is both a great teacher and a constant source of inspiration."
Service staff member

"We thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was very well-organized and the hand-picked staff was always motivated, friendly and attentive. Ours is the best kind of working relationship and we would be more than happy to collaborate on future projects."

"[I have learned to appreciate] how daily hard work and self-motivation combine to make 'Excellence in Service'. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for four years of 'Excellence in Service.' May there be many more to come."
Service staff member